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Proteinas Argentinas is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of healthy and natural foods.

We have a long track in the Food Business, starting back in the 1960´s with developments in the corn flower and seed blend industry.

Our Vision to add value to raw materials took us to invest in new technologies like extrusion. Our engineering team developed extruders since 1985 mainly for the pet food industry.

On last years of last decade we invested in a new product, textured soy protein, launching our first line in 2009.

In our 1000 tons/month plant, we produce excellent quality TVP, exporting to more than 15 countries in four continents.

Our commitment is to provide healthy products, high quality, easy and fast with excellent quality, responding to the trust people place in our brands.



Our Textured Soy Protein is obtained from deffated soy bean meal by a humid extrusion process that modifies its molecular structure giving it a fibrous texture similar to meat.

Its excellent properties makes it ideal to be added to beef, pork or poultry in hamburgers, meat balls, sausages, ready soups and fresh fillings in general.

Textured soy protein has less than 2% of fat and more than 50% of protein offering excellent nutritional value to your products.

Corex Textured Soy protein is a Kosher and Halal certified.

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The Process

Humid Extrusion


Humid Extrusion

Our Textured Soy Protein is obtained from deffated soy bean meal by a humid extrusion process that modifies its molecular structure giving it a fibrous texture similar to meat.


We carefully pack our Textured Soy Protein in 20 kg polipaper bags. We can also use an inner PEAD bag, this double packing is useful for some customers that need extra protection for the product. Our packaging allows the product to remain in perfect conditions for 2 years, is very resistance to movement and storing in piles, and remains isolated from light and humidity.



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Proteinas Argentinas S.A.
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